Trijicon 1911 RMR Mount w/ Integrated Night Sight Set



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Trijicon RMR mount with integrated night sights allow lower 1/3 co-witness of the front post. Requires slide machining by a professional gunsmith.

Fits all Trijicon RMRs.

Note: The 1911 RMR mount with integrated back up iron sight is a fixed rear sight solution. To achieve windage adjustments for point of aim (POA) point of impact (POI) the gunsmith must drift the front sight left or right. Move the front sight in the opposite direction you wish the point of impact to move.

  • CA428-C-600757
  • Black front and black rear
  • Strong and clean mounting solution for RMR
  • Lower 1/3 co-witness
  • Tritium tubes in the front and rear sights allows for low-light/no-light sight acquisition

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