ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Drop In Trigger for Glock

Zev Technologies


The ZEV Technologies™ Adjustable Fulcrum Drop in Trigger replacement kit for the Glock® is a great upgrade a user can make to their GLOCK®. ZEV's Fulcrum® is highly regarded and currently holds several world records. The Adjustable Fulcrum Drop-in Trigger kit allows you to adjust the trigger and weight and greatly enhances the feel of the trigger pull.

This kit does not come with the Firing pin.
*ZEV Technologies recommends this for competition use ONLY*

  • Fits Glock pistols only
  • Kit includes:
    • Polished Steel Trigger Bar
    • ZEV Trigger Pad (Black): 6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum Hard Anodized Type III
    • ZEV Trigger Safety (Red): 6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum Hard Anodized Type III
    • ZEV Trigger Safety Spring
    • Ejector Housing
    • ZEV Race Connector
    • ZEV Trigger Spring
    • ZEV 2lb Striker Spring, ZEV 3lb Striker Spring
    • ZEV Stainless Steel Firing Pin Safety
    • ZEV Firing Pin Safety Spring
    • 2 Adjustment Wrenches
    • Manual
  • The trigger face is flatter and the trigger safety is three times wider than a stock trigger; this is ideal for quickly placing your finger in the optimal firing position. This will help build proper muscle memory for improved consistency and accuracy.
  • Because of ZEV's proprietary trigger bar refinements the trigger operates smoothly through the entire length of pull.
  • The trigger's crisp and tactile reset gives the user a clear feeling for the moment of reset. This feedback improves the user's ability to ride the reset to improve follow up shot speed and placement.
  • The trigger weight can be adjusted to as low as 3 lbs. A lighter pull weight requires less pressure, reducing trigger finger fatigue and improving accuracy.
  • The pre-travel and over-travel are adjustable to allow for a shorter pull, crisper break and a faster reset.
  • Trigger adjustments will give the benefit of shorter take up, post break travel and will result in a shorter reset.

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